If you’ve been following us along on our journey, I would like to think we’re like-minded people— dreamers. Geo and I are both passionate about following our dreams and seeking the path that God has for us, while also (hopefully) inspiring others to do the same! The most inspiring and motivating thing for us personally, is seeing people work towards their own dreams and callings for their lives.

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First off, Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish. The two languages are quite different, so even if you speak fluent Spanish you’ll probably have a tough time understanding the language.

I have put together 10 phrases that I first learned when I moved to Brazil, and I that I think YOU should know if you are planning on traveling to Brazil! At the end of the blog post, Geo and I made a Youtube video where you can hear the pronunciation. I think this is so important, because the words might not sound like you expect!

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