Winter 2015 has not been looking too good with the warmer weather and low snowfall. 

Surprisingly enough, myself and four other friends just got back from a ski/boarding trip. It was two of our birthdays this past weekend, so we thought it would be nice to head to the mountains to get a healthy dose of fresh air and do what we love to do! We were a little anxious as we headed down to Lutsen Friday morning to see that there was no snow on the drive down. With a lot of faith— we arrived and were pleasantly surprised to see a nice layer of snow covering the runs. Lutsen is pretty good at making snow, so there was a combination of made and real powder. The ski conditions were much better than we expected, as we had an amazing time going down the slopes! After this weekend, my friend Alanna and I have decided to become professional ski bums. ha ha… 

Both Renan and I would agree that it was our best birthdays ever, as the five of us had such a blast with non-stop laughter on this two night—three day adventure. We were sad our sixth friend had to stay back as he broke his wrist a week prior to us leavingbut we pray for a fast and easy recovery! 

One of the highlights over the weekend was teaching my boyfriend Geo and sistaa Jenn to ski. Geo is a good snowboarder, considering he only started last snow season, but he also wanted to try skiing. He impressed me as we started going on more difficult terrain after only two hours of teaching. Jenn was such a champ as well! On day one we accidentally brought her up some steep slopes—unsure of the area we were headed— but she took it well considering ha ha.. After we made it down, she got the basics down pat like, “PIZZA!”, then she was quick to get back on the hills and started zipping down them like lightning! 

I will have to practice my video editing skills and hopefully get a video up soon. There are some nice clips of us taking jumps that didn’t end so smoothly :D.

See down below for some of our shots on the GoPro.