Wow— what a weekend.

Today I just came back from having spent four and a half days in Niagara & Toronto area, and boy, was it unreal. This was a perfect end of summer getaway with good friends, as well as precious time spent with God.

Each day was filled with new adventures and a lot of 'firsts'. This was actually my first time ever staying in the Toronto area, rather than just passing through. Some of the "must dos" that I did and would recommend to anyone would be to visit Niagara Falls (also take a cruise to the bottom of the falls), Canada's Wonderland, explore downtown Toronto, check out good restaurants and pubs (I went to Queen Mother, The Rex & more), see a Jays game & a show. 

As each day was filled with highlights, Monday was definitely the biggest highlight overall as we went to the Bethel Breakout workshop and concert. The workshop consisted of an acoustic set lead by the wonderful Hannah and Paul McClure, Q&A period with Bethel singers, and it ended with a message by Pastor Eric. This time was so valuable, as I gained great insight from different members of Bethel Music, and learned what has really helped them in their journeys. The most impacting part for me in this session was Pastor Eric's 'movie analogy'. He talked about how people often deal with fear & anxiety when thinking about their future, but also, how to overcome it. His analogy was [paraphrasing]:

 Just as you watch a movie for the first time, you experience all of the ups and down within the storyline, and finally, you see the resolution & happy ending. During the second time you are watching the movie, but you're watching it with a friend who has never seen it, they experience all the anxieties during the storyline, but you remain calm and enjoy the movie— as you know how it ends. 

Then he went to say, God is a great writer. You WILL have ups and downs in life, but know that God IS with you, and if you would just see 'YOUR ending', your would understand. ENJOY the journey. ENJOY the process.

The evening included a three hour worship time with two sets, which was such an amazing time— passions were ignited and freedom was erupted in the place. It was a time of being submerged with God's love and coming undone before Him. Thousands of us were there in that one building for one reason, to worship our Heavenly Father. 

Check out some of my favourite snaps I took along the way. Pictures are taken with the Canon PowerShot G15 and iPhone.