Hi! Today is the day I get to share with you… we’re engaged!! Yes that’s right, my Brazilian beauty and myself are making it official, and getting married early next year! Let’s rewind a bit for fun though…

Spring of 2015, Geo and I first met at my church, just before I was about to leave on a backpacking trip throughout Peru. When I got back to Canada and summer had rolled around, we became really close friends, staying up until wee hours of the night under the stars, playing music and just goofing around with many of our dearest friends. It may have been love at first sight for one of us… the other just did not realized it until much later— we blame it on the “Finn blood”, Ha ha.

It wasn’t until November 2nd, after going for a city cycle, that Geo got on his knees and asked if I would be his girlfriend. Shortly after, we decided to exchange “anel de compromisso“ or promise rings, to symbolize our love and commitment for each other— as Geo was heading back to Brazil soon. We knew that long distance would be extremely tough, but we agreed that it was worth it, and we had peace that things would work out. Geo headed back to Brazil on January 7th, 2016, which made for one of the most tearful days we have ever had.

It was time to start our time apart, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Luckily enough, I found a man who loves to talk A LOT… it must be a Brazilian thing. We ended up talking almost every day, from 1-4 hours, and because of the 3 hour time difference, it made some late nights for Geo.

Thankfully I was able to fly down to Brazil in the end of March for a couple of weeks, and meet Geo’s big and beautiful family, and to also visit some pretty spectacular places in the south of Brazil.

We had another long gap of about 5 months after my trip; but now it brings us to TODAY! Geo took me out on a row boat on August 27th, during a youth retreat out at the church camp that was going on. He planned a photographer and everything, and he finally asked me the question I knew I wanted to answer with a “YES”, back last November.

It’s now been fun to mix both of our cultures together during our relationship! We have changed our silver rings to gold, and I now wear an engagement ring on my left hand, and Geo wears his gold wedding band on his right hand. When we get married, he will change his ring to his left hand, and I will add a band to my left hand. We are in full ‘wedding planning’ mode, as we have set the date, January 7th, 2017 to redeem this day. 

We are still praying for God’s direction and guidance as he is calling us to greater things. I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness that He has heard my endless prayers for a Godly partner for my life. He is good!