Hey guys, we recently had to go to Toronto, Ontario to visit the Brazilian Consulate to register our marriage in Brazil & for Krista to apply for her permanent visa. Since we had to travel there, we decided to extend our stay and make a little honeymoon out of it. Here is a list of our top ten fav's while in Toronto.

Top Ten:

1. Booking an AirBnB instead of hotel. Make sure you do your research, but we lucked out and got a really cute and cozy condo for the week!

2. Dinner at the CN Tower. We found it worth it to have dinner at the top instead of just paying for a ride up to the top to see the lookout (which is $35 per adult). If you book a dinner there, your ride up is free!

3. Niagara Falls. We decided to rent a car and drive to Niagara Falls for the day. You can choose to take transit, but we found it more convenient for us to be able to leave and come back when we were ready.

4. Eaton Centre. We found this mall to be pretty overwhelming due to the size, but it was neat to check out all the different shops... and maybe buy a new phone at the Apple Store...

5. Staying downtown. We loved that we were in walking distance to pretty much everything.

6. Kensington Market. This was a nice outdoor market to check out. Since it was still cold outside, we snuck into a little coffee shop for a while.

7. Wanda's Pie in the Sky. If you love homemade pie you'll love it here too.

8. Toronto City hall was neat to go to. This is where the big lit "Toronto" sign is, as well as ice skating in the winter.

9. All the amazing restaurants. This was our hardest thing to choose, because there are so many good looking places to eat. One place we really enjoyed was Queen Margherita Pizza. Wood-fired cooked pizza!

10. Yonge Street. You won't get bored here, this street has a ton of stores and restaurants for you to choose from, including the Eaton Centre.


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