Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends & family!

Thanksgiving doesn't exist here in Brazil, but I've been bringing bits of the traditions down with me. On Saturday, Geo, myself and our niece, decided to opt out of making a typical "turkey" dinner, but rather, decided to make homemade pizzas that took way longer to make than they should have, haha! They were delicious, just next time I won't add so much yeast, oops! I've also had the privilege of sharing the Canadian Thanksgiving traditions with all of my English classes, so that they can have a better glimpse of where I come from. 

Even though Brazil doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, I feel that overall, people here show a lot of gratitude. It almost seems that since North America has so much excess and mass production, people are less happy. In Brazil, in general from what I've seen, people have a bit less, but they really value the things they do have, especially their families— this has really been an eye-opener for me! Brazil has really been teaching me to be more content with what I have, and that excess does not equal happiness.

Some things Geo and I are very thankful for today are: God, our two big (and growing) families, our beautiful apartment, FaceTime, living in warm weather and being close to the beach!

What are some things your thankful for!?

Deus abençoe, Krista + Geo