Trusting the Lord is not always easy, it’s actually the opposite of that. When we choose Him, He never said things would be easy, like our flesh instincts would think — as we know we are sons and daughters of The Most High. Saying that, I just want to say how my Heavenly Father has been training me to trust Him unconditionally. 

After Krista and I got married on January 7th (this year), I had to come back to Brazil to find a job and home for us, something that was almost an impossible mission considering the economic situation in Brazil right now. But, we really felt in our hearts that God wanted us to come here.

At times I felt so hopeless, and wondering how this would work out, but God kept saying to trust Him and to not stop searching. Then it happened— at 47 minutes of the 2nd half (a soccer saying for last minute), I finally got an engineering job (Yes I’m an engineer), as well as a job for Krista (we were not expecting this!!) and we found a nice and cozy apartment! Amen.

Tchau, Geovane

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