Oi pessoal! I have now been living in Brazil for 3 months, if you can believe it because I sure can't! Life has been busy but good here, down in the south! I work Monday-Friday teaching english, Monday and Wednesday evenings we have ministry school, Thursday's I have Portuguese classes and most other evenings are filled with church stuff! In our spare time, Geo and I have been really exploring social media, photography & videography. We have been learning and absorbing as much as we can, and trying to make time to adventure and practice our skills more. We have now started a YouTube channel, Geo and Krissy Da Silva, which we will be uploading more on in the near future! Stay tuned!

After my first week here I decided to make a fun blog post of some of the differences I had noticed between Canada and Brazil— if you haven't seen it yet, click here. Since being here a little while longer now, I have complied a few more items to this list.

6. ALWAYS CHAOS ON THE ROADS. There always seems to be something happening on roads, whether it is a couple of cars racing, accidents, etc. If you come here, you will notice that there are MANY speed bumps and radars. Geo says these are the only things that get people to slow down. The most crazy story I have so far is when Geo, our niece & I were taking a travel bus to Geo's hometown a couple weekends ago. Half way through, there ended up being a pretty bad accident on the highway, which kept traffic stationary for just over an hour. In the meantime, I ended up falling asleep which wasn't so bad... but when I woke up, I found NOBODY on the bus except me and the driver and the bus coasting in the forward motion. As panicked as I was, I looked out the window to my left, only to see Geo and a few others directing traffic. Later I found out that once traffic had began moving again, our bus had broke down in the middle of the road and everyone on the bus was pushing it to the side of the road to get it out of the way. Geo tried to wake me up (because he figured I might get freaked out if I woke up), but I was sleeping so deeply that they figured they should just let me sleep, LOL! A while later another bus was headed to the same location, so we were able to hop on. We finally arrived to Geo's mom's house at 2 AM. 

7. NAPPING. Naps are very popular for everyone here! Most people get 1-2 hours for lunch and some businesses even close for that time. Many people take advantage of this sweet time to take a little nap and restore their energy! I used to hate naps, but now I find them to be a beautiful thing! 

8. MAYONESE. Mayonese is essenial here, it seems to fit in with almost everything you eat. Whether you are eating pizza, fries, pastels or coxinhas (delicious Brazilian snack foods).

9. COLD INSIDE, WARM OUTSIDE. In Canada, it is usually cold outside and nice and warm inside. In Brazil it is the opposite. Everyone seems to love AC and have it blasted on, so it is usually freezing cold. I still don't understand this, I would prefer to not wear a sweater or jacket indoors, ha ha. #NotAFanOfAirConditioningUnlessTotallyNecessary <3

10. CASHIERS. I find this to be a very pleasant difference, ha ha! Cashiers at the grocery store don't act like they are in a huge rush all the time like in Canada (where they often call for the next customer as you are rushing to put your stuff back in your purse...). Cashiers take their time and if they have the opportunity they will try to make time for a nice chit-chat.

Beijos, Krissy