Hello Monday! Since the beginning of this year, my ‘workout routine’ has kind of gone out the window… but that doesn’t mean I don't work out! In the past, going to the gym (for a run and strength training) was my kind of “workout”. This year, I’ve really enjoyed switching things up to have fun, while still bringing up my heart rate! Down below I have listed my 5 favourite ways to switch up a workout in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle:


1. Hiking! If I could choose, I would definitely be outdoors rather than indoors. Hiking can be anything from a light trail hike to a tough, steep incline up a mountain. I love both and anything in-between!

2. Run in the Park. Here in Brazil, it’s not very practical to run on the side of the road as the sidewalks are very uneven and the cars drive by fast… BUT, I’ve been loving to run in a beautiful park called, “Ramiro Reedier Park". It has a great track, nice scenery and is clean!

3. Pilates & Stretching

4. Walking to the Supermarket or Taking the Stairs (I live on the 9th floor!)

5. Surfing. Winter is now coming to an end here in Brazil, so I hope to visit the beach sometime soon!

What are some ways you like to keep active!?

Beijos, Krista