First off, Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish. The two languages are quite different, so even if you speak fluent Spanish you’ll probably have a tough time understanding the language.

I have put together the 10 phrases I first learned when I moved to Brazil, and that I think YOU should know if you are planning on travelling to Brazil! In the future, Geo and I are thinking about making YouTube videos where we teach/share common words and phrases in Portuguese, as we think it's important to hear the pronunciation. Is that something you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments! ;)


OKAY, Let’s get started:


1. "Oi, tudo bem?"

“Hi, how’s it going?”

You will hear this all the time! If someone asks you, “Tudo bem?”, you can simply reply saying the same thing, “Tudo bem.”. Be careful with the intonation, because it changes from a question to a statement.


2. "Você fala inglês?"

“Do you speak English?”

This one is important. If you would rather say, “I don’t speak Portuguese very well”, say, “Eu não falo português muito bem”... I still use this often haha. [Pronunciation for "não": say "now" while plugging your nose].


3. "Bom dia", "Boa tarde" e "Boa noite"

“Good morning", "Good afternoon" and "Good evening”

Wherever you go throughout the day, most people will greet you this way. See! Portuguese is quite different from Spanish, huh?


4. "Muito obrigado(a)"

“Thank you very much!”

If you're a male you always say, “obrigado”, and if you're a female you always say, “obrigada”.


5. "Quanto custa?"

“How much does it cost?

You won't see price tags in a lot of local shops and markets, so it's important to know how to ask how much things cost. Numbers are also important to know!


6. "Legal" e "Beleza"

“Cool" and "Beauty”.

These are two informal ways to say, "okay", "sounds good" or "cool". You'll hear it all the time! If someone tells you something interesting, say, "Que legal!". [pronounced: key lé-gal]


7. "Quando é o churrasco?" 

"When is the barbecue?"

In my opinion, Brazilians have the best barbecues and they LOVE to have them. Most families will have one every week. If you become friends with a Brazilian, you'll probably have to ask them, "Quando é o churrasco?". 


8. "Onde fica o banheiro?"

“Where’s the bathroom?”

If your addressing someone you don't know, you can call them "Moço" (for male) or "Moça" (for female). So to be polite, say, "Moço(a), onde fica o banheiro?".


9. "Eu quero..."

“I want...”

This one is important! If you want to order an acai with banana and Nutella (for example), you could say, "Eu quero um acai com banana e nutella, por favor".


10. "Partiu praia"

“Let’s go to the beach”

Out of all of them, this phrase is my favourite! I'm sure you'll make new friends if you ask someone, "Partiu praia?"


I hope you found this helpful, and don't forget to let us know what you thought!

Beijos e abraços